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Project Me Warrior Plunge D-G Cups Ivory Nursing Bra ***SALES ITEM - LIMITED SIZES REMAINING***

Project Me Warrior Plunge D-G Cups Ivory Nursing Bra ***SALES ITEM - LIMITED SIZES REMAINING***

Project Me Warrior Plunge D-G Cups Ivory Nursing Bra ***SALES ITEM - LIMITED SIZES REMAINING***


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The Warrior Plunge Ivory Contour nursing bra is perfect if you have a special occasion.

Please note: this bra features magnetic nursing clips, which are not suitable for to use for mothers with pacemakers or defibrillators.

What about the cups of this breastfeeding bra? It has contour foam cups and also offers flexi-wire support. The flexi-wire helps to give you lift and support.

What about the styling? If has ivory lace over ¾ contour cups. It is not padded and features Rose Gold hardware to complete the look.

The bra has side sling support. The band of this bra is a bit firmer than other styles, and the cup is half a size smaller if you happen to be fuller in the top of the bust.

You also have the option of adding Warrior ivory Bikini Briefs too.

So when might this nursing bra be a good choice? We think this bra is a good as part of your nursing wardrobe, when you need something with a plunge yet with plenty of support.

  • 32-38 D-G Cups
  • Plunge style nursing bra
  • Other colours available
  • Magnetic nursing clips
  • Not suitable with pacemakers
  • This is a plunge style so is more of an occasion bra than a daily wear bra. The band of this bra is slightly firmer than other styles and the cup is half a size smaller if you are fuller in the top of bust.

    outer is 90% nylon 10% elastane – inner is 100% nylon

    What if you are not confident about your size?

    Not confident that you know your size? Can we offer some advice that many women, searching for a comfortable nursing bra have found to be “game changing”…it should take around 60 seconds, but could make it much easier to be confident about sizing. Anyway, here is our advice!

    70% of our customers pick a “flexible sized” nursing bra. If you are not confident about your size, we highly recommend them too. You should find a “flexibly sized” nursing bra easy to fit and we have them if you are from 30” to 46”, A-JJ cups. Most our customers get at least one. Here are two scenarios where they help:

    A) You might think you are a 34E, but are not certain So how do you get a well-fitting, comfortable nursing bra?. We suggest you might, for example, pick a “Flexible sized” nursing bra in a “Medium”. This bra may cover sizes 32DD,32E, 32F,32FF,34DD,34E,34F,34FF,36DD,36E,36F and 36FF. This makes it much easier to get a comfortable nursing bra, when you are not certain of your size.

    B) You may wonder how your body may change as your milk comes in and out. Or you may want a bra that you have from pregnancy right through your breastfeeding journey. You may feel more confident picking a “Flexible-Sized” nursing bra that will still fit as your body changes size. So, if you are not confident picking a 38G, you may pick, as an example, an Extra-Large. As an example, this bra may still fit you if you are any of the following sizes:,36FF,36G,36GG,38FF,38G,38GG,40FF,40G or 40GG. So as your size changes, they bra still fits and is very comfortable.

    You can see our “flexible sized nursing bras” by clicking this link…..click here… .

    Most our customers buy around 3 - 5 nursing bras. One or two may be conventional sizes such as 32C or 32D. Two or Three bras are often “flexible sized” nursing bras that mostly come in sizes Small, Medium, Large etc.

    If you have an idea of your bra size, (e.g. 36F) and want to see what “flexible sized” nursing bras are available in your size, follow this 2 step process:

    Step 1: Using our “Find the perfect nursing bra” pick your size from the first drop down box…you can click this link when you are ready.
    Step 2: Then use the second drop-down box to get to “Flexible Sized Nursing Bras Only”. This will then show you all the bras that should fit that size.

    How much does delivery cost?
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    How long does delivery take?
    If you place your order before 4pm on a working day (Monday to Friday), in most cases your order will be despatched by Royal Mail 48 Hour Service, so you should get it within 1 to 2 working days! If you place your order on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday, we usually despatch the next working day, so again, you should get it the day after this.

    I am based abroad – how long does delivery take?
    In Europe, you should get your goods within five days, and outside Europe, you should get then within eight days.

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