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Freya Black Dotty Nursing Bra - Product Code AA2034

£24.50  RRP - £29.99 - Save £5.49
Freya Black Dotty Nursing Bra - Product Code AA2034

Freya Black Dotty Nursing Bra - Product Code AA2034

RRP - £29.99 - Save £5.49
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Brand: - Freya Maternity - See more  

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How about some polka dots? If you would like a polka dot bra, this Dotty Nursing bra from Freya might be exactly what you are looking for.

How does this bra look? The cups of this Dotty bra are black, with nude coloured dots and matching lace trimming. There is also a cute silky bow to match. The straps are black to match the cups, and the internal A-frame is nude. The fabric is soft and the bra is fully lined.

And the structure? The cups are made in three sections to shape and support, and drop down to allow you access to the breast. The straps are wide to reduce strain on your shoulders. The maternity clips have been specially developed by Freya to make feeding as easily as possible. Dealing with a struggling baby can be difficult, but you should be able to open these clips with one hand and hold baby in the other.

The elasticated chest band is designed to support you without any underwires. As experts believe that wearing a bra without underwires can help to prevent the development of mastitis, this could be a real bonus!

To keep your Freya bra in the best condition, we would suggest hand washing it. As there are four hook and eye positions, this bra can change to fit you, and could be a long term investment. Depending on the size of the bra, there are two or three hooks to fasten the bra with, offering more support for the larger sizes.

Why should you buy this Dotty bra? Freya have lots of experience in making bras for women with bigger busts, and this bra is designed to offer full coverage and support for large breasts, whilst giving you a good shape and a pretty design at the same time.

As a generalisation, we think this bra is a similar size and fit to a Panache bra and also a similar fit and size to Triumph bras.

We try to rate how thick the cups are of each bra, so you are not surprised by this when the bra turns up! We rate this out of 5, so 1/5 is thin cups, 5 out of 5 is thick. We would rate the thickness of the cups of the cups of this bra as 2 out of 5.

How wide are the straps of this nursing bra? We measured a D cup bra and it came out as 18mm (compare this to one of your own bras to see how wide this feels). The straps then rise to a width of 24mm once you get to an F cup and above. So from D-E, it is 18mm, then from F and above it is 24mm.

88% Polyester, 9% Elastane, 3% Polyamide