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Carriwell White Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

Carriwell White Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

Carriwell White Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

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Are you looking for a bra that is friendly to the environment as well as you and your baby? Carriwell have created this white Organic Cotton Nursing Bra, which is not only beautifully soft but also good for the environment.

Is this bra practical? The seam-free design of this bra is not only comfortable, it will give you a smooth silhouette, even under tight clothes. It is also cut quite low at the front, allowing you to wear lower cut tops. However, this does mean that it may not be suitable for mums with bigger busts. It has ruched cups and lacy edging, adding a feminine touch. This bra will be a perfect match for the Carriwell Washable Breast Pads. To buy them, or to see this bra in black, please see the links below.

This bra is designed to lift and support you gently without underwires, with a wide chest band. Experts believe that wearing an underwired bra can lead to the development of mastitis, so this may be something you want to consider when choosing your bra. The straps of this bra have one-handed maternity clips to allow you to release the drop down cups easily, exposing the breast when you feed. This skin-to-skin contact is recommended by many healthcare professionals.

How comfortable is this bra? This white Organic Cotton Nursing Bra has no seams to rub against and irritate your sensitive skin, and the cotton blend is wonderfully soft. The stretch fabric should mould to fit your changing shape (it can expand by up to two sizes), and is also breathable. This bra is so comfortable, you can even wear it during the night!

This bra is available in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large). These cover the traditional sizes between 32A and 44DD, but as this bra is small in sizing, we would recommend choosing a larger size than normal. Please see the table below to help you pick the right sized bra...

For extra flexibility, this bra comes with a free hook and eye extender. To keep your bras in the best condition we recommend hand washing them, although this bra is suitable for machine washing at 40 degrees and tumble drying.

So why do we like this white Organic Cotton Carriwell bra? Firstly, it is a perfect match for the Carriwell Washable Breast Pads. The organic cotton blend will also be soft against sensitive skin, but the ruched cups and lace detailing mean that this is useful with a feminine twist.

We want to make sure you know exactly what the bra is like so you are not surprised when it arrives, so here are some quick questions and answers from us studying the bra… out of the packet….in depth.

Is this bra underwired? No

Does this bra have a “modesty panel” that covers the top of your breasts (i.e when the cups are open does it have material to help make it more discreet behind the cups? This is also called an “A-Frame nursing bra”. No it has a side sling of material

What is the “side sling” like? A straight strip of stretchy material

Is this bra padded? No

Does it have a pre-formed or molded cups? No

How smooth is the material on the OUTSIDE of the bra? It is not “textured” but is not “silky smooth” either!

How stretchy is the fabric on the cups? This one has stretchy cups

Does the bra have removable foam inserts in the cups? No

Would it be suitable as a T-shirt nursing bra? A bit!

Would it be suitable as a Sleep nursing bra? We think so

Does this bra have an option to buy matching briefs? No

How to verify the Nursing Bra Shop....

"I have never heard of the Nursing Bra Shop....how can I find out what the service is like?" Simple - ask any online mums forums you are on if anyone has used us. We always STRONGLY URGE you to check on us in any Facebook breastfeeding groups or other maternity or mums groups such as Mumsnet etc. Maybe ask if anyone has ever used the Nursing Bra Shop? What was our service like?

Here are some places to ask questions about the Nursing Bra Shop:

- Facebook breastfeeding groups
- Mumsnet
- Online Bounty Groups
- Netmums

But please ask the question in any forums. 89% Of UK mothers have never heard of the Nursing Bra Shop. Asking forums is a good way of checking on us. Don't take our word for it....ask other mothers who may have used us!

We try to rate how thick the cups are of each bra, so you are not surprised by this when the bra turns up! We rate this out of 5, so 1/5 is thin cups, 5 out of 5 is thick. We would rate the thickness of the cups of the cups of this bra as 2 out of 5.

How wide are the straps of this nursing bra? We measured all of the sizes, and it remained consistent at 16mm. This width of 16mm remained the same the whole length of the bra strap. So, it does not get wider nearer the shoulder, but remains at 16mm the length of each strap. To see how this feels, have a measure of one of your existing bras that you have at home.

65% Cotton 28% Polyamide 7% Elastane