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Royce Nursing Bra Blossom

£29.00  RRP - £30.00 - Save £1.00
Royce Nursing Bra Blossom

Royce Nursing Bra Blossom

RRP - £30.00 - Save £1.00

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If you're looking for something a bit different, we think you'll love the Royce Blossom Nursing bra. It's designed to be as flexible as possible, with an innovative design that even allows you to adjust the neckline!

We all know how important it is to have a bra that fits well and feels comfortable, and flexibility is the key. This Blossom bra is fully adjustable, with four back fastenings and adjustable shoulder straps, so you can alter it to find your best fit. Each size in this bra can accommodate three cup sizes, so the cups can expand and contract to fit you as your body changes, without any padding to restrict you.

The polka dot material of the cups is soft and stretchy, with a seam-free cotton lining to keep you as comfortable as possible. This means that this bra can be worn both during your pregnancy and whilst you are feeding your baby. And with such a soft design, you could even wear it at night! Definitely one for your hospital bag!

So why is this bra so special? Royce have designed it with a soft cord hidden at the centre seam of the front, allowing you to adjust the neckline. With the cord looser, this bra has a straight, crop-top style neckline, great if you want a bit of extra room. However, if you pull the cord tight, it creates a ruched seam and a plunging neckline for lower cut tops. We think this is a brilliant idea, giving you the best of both words!

So how supportive is it? Experts believe that wearing a bra with underwires when you are feeding your baby can increase the chances of developing mastitis. Therefore, this bra does not have underwires, but is designed with a hidden cradle to give you shape and support without constricting you. And to keep you comfortable when you feed, the cups have side slings to support you when the cups are down.

The nursing clips open the drop cups easily with one hand, giving you quick and easy access, and, like all Royce bras, the shoulder straps are designed to stay in place when the cups are down.

Royce have a reputation for creating great wire-free bras, with the cute black and white polka dot pattern as well as the flexible fit, we think that this one will soon become a firm favourite!

We want to make sure you know exactly what the bra is like so you are not surprised when it arrives, so here are some quick questions and answers from us studying the bra, out of the packet, in depth.

Is this bra underwired? No

Does this bra have a “modesty panel” that covers the top of your breasts (i.e when the cups are open does it have material to help make it more discreet behind the cups? This is also called an “A-Frame nursing bra”. No

What is the “side sling” like? A straight strip of stretchy material

Is this bra padded? No, but it has a thick lining!

Does it have a pre-formed or molded cups? No

How smooth is the material on the OUTSIDE of the bra? It is not “textured” but is not “silky smooth” either! Sorry if this is confusing!

How stretchy is the fabric on the cups? Nice and stretchy…this seems to be one of the reasons we hear it is so comfortable

Does the bra have removable foam inserts in the cups? No

Would it be suitable as a T-shirt nursing bra? No

Would it be suitable as a Sleep nursing bra? Yes

Does this bra have an option to buy matching briefs? No

How to verify the Nursing Bra Shop....

"I have never heard of the Nursing Bra Shop....how can I find out what the service is like?" Simple - ask any online mums forums you are on if anyone has used us. We always STRONGLY URGE you to check on us in any Facebook breastfeeding groups or other maternity or mums groups such as Mumsnet etc. Maybe ask if anyone has ever used the Nursing Bra Shop? What was our service like?

Here are some places to ask questions about the Nursing Bra Shop:

- Facebook breastfeeding groups
- Mumsnet
- Online Bounty Groups
- Netmums

But please ask the question in any forums. 89% Of UK mothers have never heard of the Nursing Bra Shop. Asking forums is a good way of checking on us. Don't take our word for it....ask other mothers who may have used us!

We try to rate how thick the cups are of each bra, so you are not surprised by this when the bra turns up! We rate this out of 5, so 1/5 is thin cups, 5 out of 5 is thick. We would rate the thickness of the cups of the cups of this bra as 4 out of 5. One of our thicker cupped nursing bras.

41% Viscose 35% Polyamide 21% Cotton 3% Elastane

This is a “flexible sized” nursing bra…perfect for pregnancy and beyond…and highly recommended by us This means you don’t have to be exactly right when choosing your size. We tend to recommend “flexible sized” nursing bras for anyone who is pregnant through to when your baby is a few months old.

How do you know what size to pick?

Are you pregnant? Start with your pre-pregnancy size. You may want to consider sizing up if you are in your 3rd trimester, or if you would like a more generous fit.

Are you breastfeeding now? Select your current size.

Click here for our full fitting guide and measuring guide

Here are some more detailed guidelines on how your body and bra size may change

In your 2nd Trimester? Be aware that the band size around the 6th month is likely to be close to what you would be after delivery. But you need to leave room in the cups to grow. Unsure what size to pick? Have a look at our “flexible sized” nursing bras which cover several sizes which are much easier to fit. We have flexible sized nursing bras that should fit you from 30 inch to 46 inch backs, A-JJ Cups. If you happen to be a larger cup that JJ, please see our Royce nursing bras. Click here for our flexible sized nursing bras.

In your 3rd Trimester? Be aware that your band size will decrease after delivery, and should continue to decrease in the first few months of breastfeeding. You should also leave a little room in the cups. Again, at this stage we suggest choosing a “flexible sized” nursing bra that should remain comfortable as your size changes.

Right after you give birth: Be aware your band size is likely to decrease in the first few months of breastfeeding. When your milk comes in, your breasts will feel much fuller as well are firmer. During each day that fullness will fluctuate between feeds. Again, during this time we tend to recommend our “flexible sized” nursing bras, as these should remain a comfortable fit as your body changes.

When baby is a few months old: Your breast size typically peaks at around 3-4 months. Engorgement (where your breasts can become overly-full and a little painful) can be common. As you continue to breastfeed after the 6th month, your breast size will start to decrease and you should find your are rarely engorged. This is a good time to shop for a traditionally sized nursing bra (for example 36DD) as your size should have settled down by this point.

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